Newer Costco Feit wifi dimmer switch

So I just bought a couple of the Feit wifi dimmers from Costco because I saw there were steps on getting them to be ‘non-cloud’ and work with HA.
However, there are completely different circuit boards in these (see below):

Does anyone know if these can be flashed the same as the older ones and work with HA?
I am hoping so, because accessing the required pins looks like a no-soldering-needed job.

Look at Detailed guide on how to flash the new Tuya Beken Chips with OpenBK7231T

If you could share photos where you can read the chip text and share your read of this values this would help. Good hunting!

The photo is seemed legible enough - bk7231t.

Someone has already done it:

good for you. good luck.

Maybe on your monitor but on my 24-inch display the part number is unreadable.

Took a bit with my phone, but here is one

I may have to go buy a few more!

That photo and your text is helpful. The folks at the OpenBK7231T_App project are doing some great work. Do follow them and support them.

Wyze Plug Outdoor, Dual Outlets Energy Monitoring, IP64, 2.4GHz

For US and similar another option, I believe these still have really ESP chips. I have converted a couple and are using. You can find them for USD 18 or below often. They also have a light sensor, which is an interesting additional function for an outdoor plug.

Ok. Making progress.
I am able to see the log outputs from it. Apparently, I need TTL devices to get the full picture.
Info about that is here:
Continuing down the rabbit hole!

Not sure where you are along the rabbit hole path… Have you flashed a firmware image to the chip?

My experience of the flashing step, make sure you have sufficient power at 3.3 volts during flashing.

If that step is successful, you should see a wifi ssid appear that you can attach to with a prefix something starting with “BK*”. You are a happy rabbit eating carrots if you see this.

Good hunting!

No luck yet. I am able to connect to the RX2/TX2 and see the logs though.
Looks like there is a connection to a second MCU that is causing grief.

Any updates? I grabbed a pair from Costco’s christmas sale wondering if they still had the ESP chip but alas.

Yes, we have been successful in programming the OpenBK firmware on it.
finally able to send MQTT commands to turn it off/on in home assistant too. Still working on figuring how to have HA dim it.

Ok, so if you use the latest OpenBK firmware, there is now full support for the switch!
BK7231T Feit Smart Wifi Dimmer - DIM/WIFI(2) -
You can integrate it with HA via MQTT and things work.
I have had to manually put the MQTT info into HA, but it works.
Now to figure how to have a manually added MQTT device show up on my dashboard…

I used 3.3,v ground, TX1, RX1, and NRST with a FTDI USB to TTL chip.
The BK7231T won’t talk to my computer!

Any pointer?

Swap Tx and Rx.

Did that. Swapped with TX, RX, TX1, RX1, TX2, RX2.

Got the logs out of TX2 and RX2 but can’t flash.

I’ve flash plenty of Tasmota devices so this is not the first time I try to flash the firmware.