Nexa LMDT-609

Hello, is it possible to get the lux values from the Nexa LMDT-609 pir sensor to be used in Home assistant?

Did you ever get this PIR sensor? Been looking into it, but can’t find out whether it’s compatible with Home Assistant or not. I have a Tellstick Net (configured to work with Home Assistant), and would love to be able to trigger stuff in Home Assistant from a motion sensor! :slight_smile:

Yes, but not the way I wanted. You can add it to your tellstick.conf like the nexa switches,
protocol: archtech, model: selflearning-switch, and your housecode/unit.

You now find it in homeassistant. When you walk pass it, it will be “switched” to on… and back to off after a while.

Ive set it up like when i walk pass it, some lights turn on by it… (automation)