Trouble with Tellstick Duo add-on in hassio and NEXA PIR Motion Sensor


I have been trying to connect a NEXA LMDT-609 PIR Motion Sensor to my Tellstic Duo, which in turn is connected to HA in the shape of hassio running on a RPI3.

The few sources in this forum that mention the same setup, tell me to connect the PIR in the same way as a NEXA self-learning switch, which is what I’ve done:

  "id": 13,
  "name": "PIR entre oppe",
  "protocol": "arctech",
  "model": "selflearning-switch",
  "house": "100",
  "unit": "1"

The PIR is paired with the Duo through a HA system call, and the sensor is visible in HA dev-state. Both when pairing the PIR and when there is movement in front of the PIR, Duo does it’s blue flashing thing. This means, I guess, that the PIR is correctly paired with the Duo?

But… in HA the sensor does not react to any movement. It simply stays as ‘off’ no matter what crazy dance I do in front of the sensor.

I have also set up an automation that switch off a light when state of the sensor changes to ‘on’. This works perfectly when I set the state of the sensor to ‘on’ manually, but not while movement in front of the sensor is detected by the Duo.

According to this thread: Nexa LMDT-609 it should be possible, though they do mention using Tellstick Live which I don’t.

Any help from you experienced HA’ers out there?

Hmm, and just after I posted I found this: Add movement detector tellstick duo in hassio :no_mouth:

Will investigate…

Yep, that was it! :slight_smile: Like Add movement detector tellstick duo in hassio says:

«After doing some research i found a way and it was pretty simple. I just activate the device in learning mode and waved my hand in front of the eye. Then i use nc core-tellstick 50801 to find house and unit number. Then reboot tellstick add-on and

That is, do the nc core-tellstick 50801 (log into terminal with the SSH add-on and run the command there), do a lot of triggering of the sensor, find the house ID that show up most often in the list (quit printing with ctrl-c). Then configure it in the tellstick add-on as in my original post above with the right house and unit, save, reboot the Tellstick add-on and hassio.

Hey, getting the “on” state seems simple but how to make it go to “off” state again? I use a Telldus PIR.

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