Next alarm changing time zone

Pretty much title.

Next alarm sensor is grabbing the correct date/time, but it converting it to what I assume is GMT, and then HA is using that time and not converting it back to my time zone, which I found out when my bedroom lights turned on at midnight, haha. Any ideas?

I’m trying to use this blueprint, maybe I could edit it and put in a time offset or something but I’d rather have it just work in case I wanna trigger other stuff with my alarm. Thanks!

The state must be sent in UTC and HA core is responsible for translating it to your local time zone. The issue is probably with the blueprint. I’d make sure you have everything set up properly for it.

@piratepants can you check in Open your Home Assistant instance and show your state developer tools. the phone next alarm sensor. ( sensor.yourphonesname_next_alarm) the attribute local time and the state of your date time helper (input_datetime.yourhelpername). Both should show your local time.

But my guess is that you don’t have the correct time zone set in HA Open your Home Assistant instance and show your general Home Assistant settings. as @dshokouhi suggested.

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