Next Generation Recorder

Hi! 6 months have passed since I switched to Home Assistant and by now I feel at home with the system.

However, two things are still bothering me. Here I would like to talk about the “Recorder”. I’ve read a lot about “Recorder”, “Database” and how users try to keep their database lean. Unfortunately, there was nothing for me. Even if you set the “recorder” very individually, there are still too many compromises or unnecessary data in the end.

I know it’s always easy to make suggestions when you don’t know the technical background, and maybe it’s not even possible to implement with home assistant as it is. On the other hand, the team has already implemented other great things.

To the point:
Why not per domain, entity, entity_globs etc. individual “commit_interval” and “keep/expire times” ?
that would be so awesome!

  commit_interval: 60
  db_url: sqlite:////home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/backups/db.tar/ha.db # exclude from backup ;)
  expire: 365
    entities:                     # , commit_interval, expire
      - binary_sensor.workday_sensor, 1m             , 30d
      - sensor.benz					, 1d             , 1y
      - sensor.consumption_2        , 5m             , 180d
      - sensor.l_main               , 5s             , 9M
      - device_tracker.watch_becks  , 10m            , 6h
      - switch.cam_terrase_detection, 1m             , 3M
      - binary_sensor               , 5m             , 30d
      - sensor                      , 5m             , 30d
      - binary_sensor.p_*           , 5m             , 30d
      - sensor.p_*_battery          , 2h             , 30d

Would something like this fail due to lack of interest or the technical underpinnings of Home assistant?

This is similar to other FR’s:

And others I don’t have handy. Unfortunately, as you suggest, they’ve gotten no interest from developers yet. But there is hope. I’ve noticed the last few releases included some efficiency updates to the Recorder database. I take this as a sign that at least some devs are OK doing the less glamorous work on the important parts of the project, rather than making high-visibility design changes to the UI.

You could accomplish what you are asking for with an automation if we added keep_days to the recorder.purge_entities service

You could set expire days to the maximum you want for everything in the yaml config and than create automations to purge specific groups of entities with a keep_days value

The commit interval is per transaction it wouldn’t make much sense to have it per entity id as you could end up writing more data because you couldn’t group it as well. The added complexity likely would not be a net benefit

Thank you. This is again a relatively complex solution where you work in parallel in the UI and in the config and in the end you still don’t have the database you want.

I will play around with it though. But how to setup multiple Domains/Entity Globs? With a comma, semicolons? Do I need parentheses? This is probably basic knowledge but I can not find the information :frowning:

Not here: Recorder - Home Assistant
and not here: Service Calls - Home Assistant

service: recorder.purge_entities
  entity_globs: binary_sensor.p_*, binary_sensor.c_*
    - binary_sensor.workday_sensor
    - input_boolean.schlafparadies
    - input_boolean.schlafsalon
    - input_boolean.schlafschlaf
    - input_boolean.workday
    - input_number.daytimevar
    - sensor.consumption_2
    - sensor.ts_kuche_battery
    - sensor.ts_paradies_battery
    - sensor.ts_salon_battery
    - sensor.ts_schlafzimmer_battery
    - device_tracker.watch_becks
    - switch.cam_terrase_detection

It’s explained in the first documentation link you posted.

The value you provide should be a YAML list.

Refer to the example here.

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:man_facepalming:t2: thank you. I need a manual for the documentation :rofl: