Nextcloud client


Is there any addon/setting for Home Assistant to be Nextcloud CLIENT please ?

I’ve tried rclone but it’s not bidirectional and real time :confused:

What do you want to achieve?
Nextcloud is multi-faceted…

I’ve Calibre synced on multiple computers (Win & Linux) via a Newtcloud instance and i’d want to share my ebook library with phones/tablets (FBreader app) on my home network via my HAOS instance on rpi3 + HA COPS addon.

The obvious answer would be to have your Calibre library located on a NFS share, as that is allowed by HA as network storage, supported by the COPS addon and available to Nextcloud as External storage.

How feasible depends on how/where your nextcloud instance is hosted, though…

My Nextcloud is on OVH server.

As a bare-metal/VPS?
Then no problems that I can see.

  • Create a NFS share on your server
  • Move your calibre library from NC to the NFS
  • Create an external storage in NC pointing to the NFS local location
  • in HA, create a books “media” network storage and points to the NFS share (that’s what the addon asks for)

I can’t create NFS with my subscription :confused:

Ok, then you are basically stuck with WebDAV on the NC side, and HA doesn’t support it.

Maybe vote for