Nextion LCD displays - plastic cases?

Beside the obvious solution of a 3-D printed case, does anyone know of stylish plastic frames/cases for Nextion 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch displays? I’d rather not use the cheap laser-cut acrylic layered cases that bolt together. The bolts detract too much :frowning: from the appearance of the display. Thank you for any helpful suggestions!

I found some useful cases on AliExpress. Do note that there are differences between the nextion models in terms of cases. IE something for a basic might not fit an enhanced.

Thanks, @nickrout. I have noted the difference. To be honest, I don’t need a touch-screen at all, simply a good quality ESP32-driven color LCD display. Nextion is an excellent device with an “excellent” price. Using a 3.5-inch display like an ILI9341 device, the price point is lower, but the effort to implement is higher. Also, with the Nextion, I could implement a history chart page for each item if their icons are touched.

If you don’t need to touch it, it can go behind some acrylic in any sort of hobby box. It really depends on the aesthetic you want.

The switchplates for HASPone (formerly HAswitchplate) do not have to have a screw in the front, but it very much depends on the type of wall box you have.

If you want it in your workshop because you want to display what the woodworking equipment is doing, its a different aesthetic than plonking one in your main living area.

I bought some of these, they aren’t here yet. They do have a screw though. I bought them for a specific use, it may not suit you. The ali-rabbithole may throw something up.

Oh and not plastic, but probably nicer E-paper display

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Thanks @nickrout, that e-paper display certainly looks crisp and clean. I’m stuck on wanting color for the status of different items. Outdoor Humidity and Temperature = red, green, or blue depending on range, Outdoor Wind Speed and Direction in some other color, and Indoor Temp and Humidity color coded with different shades/tints of red/green/blue. I think what I see on the e-paper thread is what I’ll eventually do, use either a wood moulding or metal frame to enclose the display. WAF goes a LOT higher with something besides plastic and steel nuts and bolts.