Ngenic open API component for Ngenic Tune smart thermostat

I like to request a component for Ngenic open API to primarily be used for Ngenic Tune smart thermostat.

Ngenic have finally released a public API for Ngenic Tune smart thermostat which something that has previously been missing from this company. You need to login to create personal access tokens for your Ngenic-account:

For those who don’t know “Ngenic Tune” is a smart thermostat similar to Nest Learning Thermostat but is foremost marketed in Scandinavia / Nordic countries as it is compatible out-of-the-box with most existing heat-pumps systems sold in Northern Europe and can convert those into app-controlled internet-connected smart devices, even an older heating-pump that can be as old as 30-years old, like the one I have.

They also have a product called “Ngenic Track” sensor which connects to the same gateway and tracks your energy usage by constantly reading the electricity meter for your house/apartment.

Personally I think that I would like to see a component for Ngenic open API that works similar to the Nibe Uplink integration plugin for Home Assistant by @elupus

Seconded. I already used the api to create a rest sensor for the predefined temperature, but I’m not code savvy enough to create a new integration.

@Corf That sounds better than nothing, maybe worth sharing the code GitHub and link to that here?

Would really like this as well, we are however moving so not getting an Ngenic again until September-October. If no one has picked this up by then I might give it a shot but would be my first component in HA so it would take some time and I might fail completely😅

I’ve started with an API wrapper in python, maybe that could kick things off with homeassistant integration.
I haven’t really done anything like this in python before, so any contributions or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile:

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I made a sensor platform for Ngenic, it’s pretty basic and will only add nodes which reports temperature and humidity (i.e. no climate control). The one that is called “controller” is your outside temperature.

Just add it to a custom_components/ngenic folder. You can clone it like this:

$ cd config/custom_components
$ git clone ngenic

Feel free to contribute :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the component with a climate entity.
Also, the platform now uses the UI config flow; just add the integration via Configuration > Integrations


Anyone also bought their new “Ngenic Track” product? It is a wireless energy meter reader sensor:

Ngenic Track sensor connects to the same gateway plus look to use use the same API (and app)

As Ngenic is a cloud-based service so API might even include data history of your energy usage.

Maybe you already know but the @sfalkman component works with track