Night light


I’m new here and have a problem that I haven’t found a solution to on the internet yet. I have created several scripts in which I would like to integrate a night light with activation/deactivation. The scripts are e.g. E.g.:

 Good night (all sockets off, all lights off, all roller shutters at 25%) should activate with night light
 Good morning (kettle on, all roller shutters at 100%) should be deactivated with night light

With these I would like to integrate an external function (night light) because I would like to use it for several scripts. The function should only be used if

 activated and motion was detected, that a light should come on and if
 deactivated no light should come on

No, I don’t want to do this automatically, e.g. B. about sunset/rise or other. I would like to do this via an ext. Integrate function. Now to my question, how do I do this? I would prefer to do the function with a visual editor, not with YAML programming, because I have no idea about that.

I hope someone can help me, because e.g. I currently control this with a status and scenario via livisi, but in the long term I would like to set everything up via Home Assistant.

I think all this can be done with Home Assistant, and using the UI.

If I’ve understood you correctly, your “function” is a kind of flag which can be turned on and off, and which can be referenced by scripts to change the way they run. Home Assistant has a binary entity called an “input_boolean” which does exactly this. For example, I have one called “away mode” which is set to “on” when I am out of the house, changing the way things like heating behave.

If you have more questions it might be helpful to read up on some of Home Assistant’s basic terminology. “Script”, for example, has a specific meaning in HA.

There is also a thriving German language forum if you would prefer to search there: