Nikobus support

I just discovered Home Assistant and it looks great!
I’m currently using Openhab, but this needs a lot of reboots on my rpi2.
However, only thing I’m missing to use Home Assistant as automation platform is Nikobus support (which is supported by Openhab with Nikobus binding).
Someone who’s interested to take this up? (I am no programmer unfortunately)

The code for controlling Nikobus is probably available in
No one who would like to create a Home Assistant interface for Nikobus?

no programmer who could give it a try?

Creating support for devices you don’t have access to is the show-stopper here. The issue is that nobody who owns your system as well stepped up to create an component/platform.

Stefaan, out of interest what are you using currently and how does your setup look like these days ?

Hi there,

Is there more information available ?

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Quite old topic, but if you are still on the matter…

I’ve connected my nikobus to openhab (where a binding for nikobus exists) and then exposed all nikobus items (switches, shutters, etc…) over homekit integration in openhab. So now I control everything from homeassistant using HomeKit Controller to openhab.

Could not find any other way. hope this helps.

Old but still relevant. I have it op and running in Openhab, but want to prevent being dependent on another HA system.
Would be nice if the nikobus could be addressed directly. The protocol details are known (see earlier), unfortunately I am no programmer.

Tim Schuerewegen (all credits to him) created a homebridge connection 4 years ago. The Nikobus protocol is implemented in javascript.
Would it be hard for a JS programmer to write a MQTT-to-Nikobus bridge based on this code?

Pursuing another path since no one picks it up. Let’s see if chatgpt can do the job.

I’m also still interested in this. Have OH running with Nikobus binding and link it to HA via MQTT but agree there are multiple points of failure and native HA support would be superb.

@stefaanbolle any luck with ChatGPT ?

No time yet to test it

I’m working on the matter, is there some developper wishing to collaborate ?

Looking for help with coding, tester, …

fdebrus/Nikobus-HA (

The first beta release is available on my github.

Hi @fdebrus , i’m very interested in your work.
I already was looking to connect my Nikobus configuration to Home Assistant but i’m not a developper or coder. But i’m very happy to help testing your code :smile:
I tried openHAB but was lacking proper support of feedback leds (Feedback module 05-207).
Maybe we can exchange private contact details (not sure if i can send you a private message here) to let you know what components i’m having, what i can test for you etc

I do not own this module, my guess is that it will be seen on the bus as regular button press with an address, which is automatically detected by the integration and recorded for usage.

Have a try with the latest release on my github. feel free to send me a PM might you need some assistance to get this going.

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