[NL BE] Kruidvat Smart Home Tuya based

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Hi y’all,

I found out at Kruidvat ( a retail store in the Netherland) they sell Smarthome products based on Tuya. They are cheap and reflashable. I bought a door sensor, just to check what is inside. I can confirm the doorsensor has a TYW3S. It looks as similar as the line up Action has with their brand LSC.

Link to product: Tuya doorsensor

I tried to flash it with my serial adapter ( TX, RX ,GND, 3V3 and GPIO0 grounded while flashing, but it failed.

I tried the tuya-convert method, that failed also.

Is it because the TYW3S is still soldered on the board?

I found similar products, but none of the methods worked for me. For example these ones.

Tasmota flashing proces TYW3S

Help with Tuya door/window sensor please? #5389

Trying to flash tasmota on TYWE3S #5377

Also want to mention that I’m familiar with flashing tuya devices and know about the MCU part, but can’t figure out how to flash this thing.

Can anyone assist me with flashing either ESPHome or Tasmota on this thing?

My last solution is to desolder it with a heatgun. But that is my last resort.

I’ve added some pictures of the guts.


I’ve found this, will try to flash again with RST of the MCU connected GND.

Did you try this config?

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I did not try that. I’ll try it today. Thanks for sharing! Finally someone gave a reaction :rofl:

The products are very resent released. So not many people are try to flash yet. But i was searching for kruidvat dual socket which chip was used, our post was the only one of kruidvat tuya :smile: the picture is from Action PIR device.

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Yeah I see that. It’s the wireless one(without the micro usb port), right? Also I’ve tried to flash it the way you told me, it didn’t work. I’m waiting for my ESP8266’s to come in. Will replace them eventually. Makes it a lot easier.

I work at Kruidvat and got really excited when I saw them come in. Will buy a few more. The normal bulbs with cool/warm white have a discount right now that makes them 3,99 euro per bulb. Will buy and try to flash one tommorow.

To bad that the flashing did not work. The chip flash by tuya-convert would be nice. Yes, this one https://www.kruidvat.nl/kruidvat-smart-dual-plug/p/5315297 but changing the ESP8266 chip is a step for far for me. Bulb’s i got from the Action and Karwei.

That dual plug is nice !

You are going to replace the existing ESP chip ?

Yes I got them in. Tried to flash them… but it didn’t work. Now I think my usb > serial adapter is wonky. Will order a new one and try again :sweat_smile:

And was your usb > serial adapter broken?

I’m not quite sure yet. The other one is also not working. Might be usb power related. Strange actually, it did work and there is nothing changed in my hardware/software setup.

I saw to day this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE3vWB-rhFM and your problem pop-up in my mind. :laughing:

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Dude, this is exactly what I needed. I did put my stuff in the drawer untill I wanted to try it again. But this might be it. Gonna order that thing to test it! Thanks again!

I have the same exact kruidvat Dual Smart Plug and managed to flash it to ESPurna but afterwards it stopped working, power buttons didn’t work and the device didn’t show up in Home Assistanst. So I guess flashing works now but not sure what else is going wrong. I might try to flash it with Tasmota to see if that fixes the problem.

I never used ESPurna, can it communicate with the tuya mcu chip? What I understand is that the Gpio pins not being used.

What usb to serial adapter did you use? And how did you connect it?

@tuncaya I used the OTA Tuya converter, no need to get messy with soldering and breaking appart the smart product (which I tried anyway and was not succesfull in opening it). There are many guides like this, I used a different one but can’t seem to find that one in a quick search.

Not sure if it can communicate or how to do it anyway. I just used a guide to flash it’s firmware OTA. Seeing the flash initially worked I hoped that I could use it without anything else. When it wasn’t working I came looking for people with similar problems and ended up here.

For clarity: The flash is succesful and I’m able to connect to the light with WiFi. I’m just wondering why homeassistant isn’t able to spot it.

I’m trying to flash a doorsensor. It won’t stay on while trying that. Also tried a few methods, wihout success. I’ll be for sure share when I find my fix.

Has anybody had any luck flashing the Kruidvat smart lights?