No device_tracker since core-2022.2.2

Just updated from HA OS 7.2 to 7.3 and from core-2022.2.2 to 2.3: There are no device trackers left. They are gone. I can’t track my mobile anymore.
I deleted the AVM FRITZ!Box Integration and renewd it but this did not help. Furthermore I deleted the AVM FRITZ!Repeater integration and tried to renew. But now I can’t find the FRITZ!Repeater, it dows not show up anymore in the integrations.
I’m working with HA since 4 weeks, not familiar with the platform indeed, but maybe you can help. Thanks a lot!

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I experienced the same problem, check out this post, I think it’s the same issue: Lost phone tracking in last update
The option I did for now is to downgrade to the old version, will probably update again and try to fix it with the instructions from the other post.

Hi dgrey,

Tha ks for sharing my post, I hope it helps?!

If you do upgrade again, could let me know if my post helps? Or if there is anyway I can improve the instructions?

The real challenge was figuring out the state names. It would be great if HA listed out all the known states that a device could have (or at least the ones it has seen) that would have helped me when I was trying to solve this.

Thanks for your replies, but smartroad’s solution did not work for me.
There is no single entity called “device_tracker…” in my homeassistant installation. I am using a FritzBox (7490) and I suppose there is a problem with the FritzBox integration.

The hasspodcast said in Feb, 02 (2022.2 – Streamlining Experiences and over 2.5k contributions : Home Assistant Podcast):

  • Changes to Device Tracker entities
    From this release, some components will no longer automatically add device tracker entities to Home Assistant. Think routers which would add a new entity to Home Assistant each time a device connects to your network.Only device trackers that match to an existing entity will be enabled moving forward.

Do the “Changes to Device Trackers” cause my problems?
I am not sure whether I can do something or shall I wait for an updated Fritz!Box integration?

In my ha my mobile phone is listed as a device. The entity called “Galaxy-S10-von-Edgar-internet acces” is also visible but this is not a device tracker, is it?

I have a similar issue with the Swisscom Internet-Box integration since the update to 2022.2.x. It no longer updates the device state.

So I’ve had the same issue for a while. not device_tracker for GPS on my iPhone with the companion app. I have remote access thru Nabu Casa

How can I add a device_tracker for my phone? HA can see my Geocoded location and even my zone, but its not associated to a device_tracker and therefor cannot be associated to my Person