No IP Addresses or Web Interface to HA

I used Balena Etcher to copy a Raspberry Pi 3B image to an SD card. After I boot the Pi, the HA CLI comes up. When I try to go to the web interface I get a page not found error. When I run the HA network info command, I don’t see an IP address for WiFi. At no point in the process was I asked to pick an SSID and enter the WiFi password. Can someone assist me in what I need to do next?

Yes, plug it into the network. I don’t believe you can install over wifi.

Here are some CLI helps:

Some more:


Hold back, @pmaine is trying to install over wifi (or else why would he be expecting a SSID) - the instructions are quite clear - Raspberry Pi - Home Assistant

To quote:

  1. Insert the boot media (SD card) you just created.
  2. Attach an Ethernet cable for network.
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Yes - you are correct. I was following a YouTube video and they left the step out regarding pluging in with an ethernet cable. Sorry to post an unnecessary question. I guess you never know who is making the YouTube videos and leaving out key steps in the process.

Yes, don’t follow youtube videos :slight_smile: