No longer a stable connection via duckdns domain

Ugh, I wasted hours last night trying to fix this. Hope it gets fixed soon.


this is in their FAQ and it does point to an issue with a few of there nameservers

same thing here, I follow

Stupidly posted a github issue before checking here

Its closed now.

I have the same issue and if I disable wifi on my phone, it will connect to HA. Once I reconnect wifi, it will no longer connect. PC browser just hangs and will not load because if is connected via network. Hopefully this gets resolved asap!

Same issue here, it went worse since yesterday. Obviously, they get you correct IP address, but its not added correctly (or not at all) to the nameservers

Having the exact same issue for the past few days, hit and miss. When connection is actually made some features load very slow and some not at all like; Add Ons, Studio Code Server, etc. Hope this gets sorted, but I understand it is a free service.

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Same for me.

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Same here in South Africa.
If I ping my, I get a random (seemingly previously used) IP address. Flip flops between 3 addresses and ‘could not find…’. Every so often, the ping will hit the correct address, and at that time my browser as well as APP works again. For a short minute or so.
Definitely DNS related.

I see some positive signs at the moment. A record is showing up again at and my connection looks stable and snappy (for now). Fingers crossed.

Yep. Same here. Seems like Duck fixed something…

Same issue here. Connection was very unstable for the last 1.5 days. Using DuckDNS.
Currently the issue seems is a bit different. I’m able to reach HA but it doesn’t load. In logs (connected locally) there is a WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection] [1584916440] Disconnected: Did not receive auth message within 10 seconds error follow by a: [homeassistant.components.http.ban] Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from X Requested URL: '/auth/login_flow/Y'. error.

What has to been done to switch exactly (I already have a ?

Same here. Perhaps good to look for alternatieves? Found Dynu DNS although I cant yet get it ro run…

So no one diagnoses this properly.

Gave up and migrated to Cloudflare. Cost me 10 bucks for a cheap domain name for 2 years, and seemingly a much more secure option.

Took me about an hour to migrate and now I’m back up and running and maybe I’m imagining it, but it feels a lot faster to respond to commands now.

Highly recommend.


Very annoying just after I started to put more and more services under duckdns subdomains. But good to see that this is a general problem and I can stop searching on my side.

As I saw questions on alternatives: If you do not like cloudflare, I can generally recommend
The page does not look fancy, but this is rock stable, I use it for years. Update of IP I just let my fritzbox do.
Free DNS provides several different domains to choose from and you never have to manually renew something like for other services. Set it up once and it just works.


I notice that it is better than 2 days ago, but still not stable for me. Using the dig +trace method suggested by @nickrout I saw that this morning I had significant delays at the step (between 0.2 and 9 seconds). You can try this via Digwebinterface.

As I’ve had some downtime before with DuckDNS Im moving as well, thanks for all the suggestions for alternatives!

P.s. if you’ve been using DuckDNS please consider donating to the team at DuckDNS. I know it is a free service but they have put time (& probably money) into this service for us.


As a person, who runs everything over duckdns with multiple Servers, i can also confirm, that it Must be an duckdns issue.
I cant Even connect to any of my domains and its very frustrating. Hope this issue gets resolved as fast as possible

Arh! This coincided with me upgrading to 2022.9.1 a couple of days ago. I thought it was my setup. Glad I found this thread.
HA works fine going direct on https://homeassistant.local:8123, but not via