No longer a stable connection via duckdns domain

Don’t know what swag is. But for your second question, I used http.
For http challenge to work, you assign a port in LetsEncrypt’s config (I used 8181), then on your router you need to port forward external 80 to homeassistant’s IP port 8181 (or whatever you used in config).

I switched to a free alternative Dataplicity (GitHub - AlexxIT/Dataplicity: Public HTTPS access to Home Assistant with Dataplicity service)

everything is set up quickly and easily

I’m really hoping that this is what’s impacting on my instance this morning. I have three duckdns sub domains, but just my long running and usually pretty faultless one for HA isn’t playing nicely this morning. Cert looks to have have been updated and no errors in the logs, but the Android app is constantly throwing “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” errrors and claiming the certificate (using the same key files as my other two subs) is invalid.

Nabu Casa coming in clutch.

I just set this up this morning as my DuckDNS is too unstable. Freenom wouldn’t register, so I bought a cheap domain name and updated the namesevers and followed ESH’s video. Works perfectly, no more open port on my router, so more secure all round. Highly recommended setup.


Having the same intermittent issues as the rest. My conundrum is that I use Google Cast - Home Assistant integration and some (most/all?) of these options don’t work well / at all with this.

Anyone have an alternate to DuckDNS that works with Google Cast?

Google cast should work regardless of your Dynamic DNS Provider. It just needs an HTTPS link to your HA.
There have been a couple of good suggestions in this thread.
I moved to Google Domains and my Google Cast works well on Home Mini as well as Nest Hub.

I have a rather complex setup, and this occurred after many modifications to my home hetwork, firewall etc… wasted hours thinking I had created the issue ha!

As of this morning I have not had any issues.

I’ve now sacked duckdns off entirely and moved to the Cloudflared addon. Went smoothly and seems to be working well, my only gripe is that I can no longer use the Wireguard addon but that’s not the end of the world.

I also moved to Cloudflared but can’t get google home to work. The google home app after entering my homeassistant username and password says “Something went wrong. Try again.” I am able to access home assistant via cloudflared tunnel. Google home sees my test app and even redirects to home assistant to enter login credentials. I don’t know what to do.

Did you buy your own domain? I saw that the cloudfare integration in HA does not allow the
Unusable TLDs so freenom was out of the question. Not sure how he managed to do that in the video shown.
Due to a limitation in the Cloudflare API, you can not use this integration with any of the following TLD’s:

Do these paid domains need to be paid for every year or is it a oneoff?


I also eventually got fed-up and have now set up cloudflared with my own domain. Also allows me to add an extra host for my bitwarden instance on a subdomain, with the added benefit that I can access it at work even though ports are blocked!


Just buy a cheap domain name. If you buy for example a .online domain with, it will cost you less than 1 euro/year.


I did, just a cheap .com for about £7 for the first year and then it’ll rise to maybe £10 or so after that, although I’ll transfer it over to Cloudflare as the registry before that.

I had to update the 4 url entries that had my old duckdns url’s in it. Then you have to click test and re-connect to the service in your G Home app.

This morning again timeouts for the duckdns URLs, anyone else as well? Also not reachable via mobile connection, so not a network issue.
This is now really annoying if the service is so unreliable!

Yes, same here!

And here too :frowning:

Same Problem here. Again…
Has someone experience with the dynu addon?

I also set up cloudflared ( with an own domain in parallel, works well (multiple tutorials on the internet, most with freenom, but as long as you find where you can change the name servers with your hoster, it is the same), so I might move to that und just have duckdns as a backup/alternative then. The last week has been way too much lack of reliability.

I can‘t load the cloudflare raspo. Has someone the same problem?