No longer able to pull weather forecasts using the HA REST API

Using the REST API I was able to pull a weather entity state along with the attached forecast. A little while ago (perhaps over the new year) this was removed.

My use case is I have a custom-built dashboard that pulls in state information, including weather over the API.

Here is the weather entity in the UI:

And this is what I get from the API:

  "entity_id": "weather.met_office_xxx_daily",
  "state": "partlycloudy",
  "attributes": {
    "temperature": 14,
    "temperature_unit": "°C",
    "humidity": 84,
    "pressure_unit": "hPa",
    "wind_bearing": "WSW",
    "wind_speed": 11.27,
    "wind_speed_unit": "km/h",
    "visibility_unit": "km",
    "precipitation_unit": "mm",
    "attribution": "Data provided by the Met Office",
    "friendly_name": "Met Office xxx Daily",
    "supported_features": 3
  "last_changed": "2024-07-09T19:53:10.313399+00:00",
  "last_reported": "2024-07-09T21:53:10.219105+00:00",
  "last_updated": "2024-07-09T21:53:10.219105+00:00",
  "context": {
    "id": "01J2CQRYJBNX1H4NN4E2GHCX3F",
    "parent_id": null,
    "user_id": null

Looking at my implementation there used to be a forecast key under attributes but it has been removed. Any idea how to get this back?

This was change a month or 2 ago. This search will help you find an example that will match your specifics. weather forecast

This is the weather integration page for further reference.

As this has been discussed at length, please use the forum search as suggested.

Just to get you started, here are two threads:

Sorry, I did try to search but ‘weather rest API’ just gave results about building integrations with external sources. I’d not realised this was more of a core change rather than just an API interface change.