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No more cog?


The previous threads about missing cogs in the pop-up GUI windows all reference mistakenly using capital letters in the entity ID. I seem to have lost all cogs for all devices (couple dozen switches and a handful of sensors) and I still have the default all-lower case entity IDs. I just want to rename the sensor directly on the pop-up window and can’t seem to do this because the cog is gone.

I’ve searched last few release notes, and the online docs still reference using it. They still don’t appear even when I try in Edge (normally use Chrome). Any ideas?

0.91: More streaming, better Zigbee, cameras with ESPHome

That could be a bug. Personally, I tend to wait for the inevitable .1 release before updating. Much less pain that way. :wink:

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Yea I should have mentioned I just upgraded to 0.91.0 (docker). Previously the cogs were there for everything. Thanks.


Yeah seeing the same behavior here too. Pretty sure it’s a bug in 0.91, there is an open issue here: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer/issues/3051


But that is polymer. I suspect the OP is using lovelace.


Yeah but that repo handles all the frontend-related issues with HA including Lovelace.


I too have the missing cog, running HA 0.91.1 in docker.


Just a quick heads up, a fix for this has been submitted by balloob here: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer/pull/3066 So it’ll likely be in 0.91.2 release.


Great, thanks


I’m still seeing this issue in 0.91.2 (docker). I guess because https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant-polymer/pull/3066 has only been merged with dev polymer so far?

I’m surprised not more people are having this issue of no cogs.


you can still change the name from the entity registry


@aidbish thanks but I was trying to avoid that. I’ve just done a clean install for the very reason that my entity registry was a bit of a mess due to previous manual renames. I’ll wait for it to be fixed so can rename devices via the ui.


are you editing the file directly?
you can now edit the entity registry in the UI
configuration > entity registry


@aidbish I didn’t know about that. Thanks, it helps.


I am seeing this issue in 0.91.3 (docker as well). Removed the entire instance and started completely clean only to find that this “feature” is now present. One thought was probably a feature added to limit “permissions” for users you can create/setup within HASS. But I am using admin account… So, it is a bug then OR the new feature…

present in 0.91.4 as well. Probably the new way of doing things now.

I wish these changes are documented so laymen like me don’t get all wired up thinking something is wrong.


Same - still seeing in 0.91.3 docker as well.


I have the same issue, 0.91.3 docker


Also seeing this in 0.91.3 on hass.io

If this bug isn’t fixed, is there a different way to change entity_id?



You can manually change id’s in [config_folder]\.storage\core.entity_registry. Just remember to restart HA if you’re doing it this way.

Also I’m fairly sure you can still change id’s in Configuration > Entity Registry.


Awesome thank you.