No option to add z-wave device

I feel like I am missing something obvious. I keep reading the instructions but don’t see any way to put my stick into inclusion mode.

I followed the steps to install my homeseer smart stick in the zwave js add=on. I believe my stick was recognized and installed. I see a bunch of security key values that were generated in the config.

Now - where do I go to put the device into inclusion mode?

I tried going to:

Settings->Device and Services->Devices and choosing zwave-js.

From there what I am supposed to click on? Under the configuration widget, the only option is Update and it say up to date.

I don’t see anything else related to z-wave anywhere in the UI.


In Setting -) Devices and Services -) ZWave:

Then click on devices and lower right on Add Device:

Thanks - as I expected; I was in the wrong place and missed the obvious :slight_smile:

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Z-wave-JS Has it’s own UI. All the Z-wave options like rescan, change parameters, Network Map, etc. can be found there.

To conveniently get to the UI, enable it in the sidebar. Settings > Add-ons > Z-wave JS UI. Then toggle “Show in sidebar”.


After that an entry is created in the sidebar

You can also open the UI directly in the Add-on page by clicking “OPEN WEB UI”.

You are right and I use both. It is just that I find the above method more convenient.

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Yes, I agree. Just wanted to point out to the OP there is a whole UI to Z-wave JS UI when they need the additional features outside of adding devices.

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Can js ui coexist with js without disabling the other?

No. There are migration guides, however. Switching Z-Wave JS Addons with Minimal Downtime! Z-Wave JS (Official) to Z-Wave JS UI (Community) - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community (