No Supervisor Panel Included

I am new to Home Assistant and I am completely lost with this system.
I keep seeing users installing addons in the Supervisor panel, but I don’t see that on my fresh installation.

Is that something I need to enable or is my installation not correct?
I am using the Windows 10 version from Github.

How can I enable this feature?

It depends how you installed HA. This explains everything :

Sorry, I don’t understand your response.

You did not click the link ?

Home Assistant Installation Methods

Name Required Skills Includes Supervisor Supports Add-ons Supports Snapshots Includes Operating System Uses Docker Method
OS Minimal (1) :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: Disk image (2)
Supervised Linux, Docker :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: :x: :heavy_check_mark: Shell script (3)
Container Linux, Docker :x: :x: :x: :x: :heavy_check_mark: Docker container (4)
Core Linux :x: :x: :x: :x: :x: Python app (5)
Note Description
1 Ability to follow instructions to burn an SD card.
2 Burn disk image, for your model of single-board computer, to SD card or as a Virtual Machine.
3 Execute shell script on an existing instance of Debian linux on a dedicated machine.
4 Install docker container in an existing docker environment.
5 Install python app, preferably in a virtual python environment.

Still confused… what is that chart for?
I thought Home Assistant was so easy to install and use… It seems it’s not.


he is saying that HA have several different installation methods which will have different features. Depending on your system and what you wanna do then you can see which one is suitable for you.

I followed the instructions of this guy on Youtube on how to install HA in windows 10 and when he was done, he had Supervisor panel, but I don’t and I did exactly what he did.

There are no easy way in installing HA, you just need to read the instructions. Furthermore please check if your OS/HW supported.

This does not say how you installed HA. But if you don’t have supervisor, you either installed a docker container, or installed python on Windows and did a pip install in a venv.

Please share the instruction links, so we can assist you

It’s the same one from the guy on Youtube and he was able to get supervisor panel…same download file.

I followed this guy Home Assistant on Windows 10 as an App WOW !!! The BEST Way to Install ??? 😱 - YouTube

OKAY got it. That is unsupported HA and it will run on minimal features and won’t be upgradeable if the developer did not upgrade. So again I’m not sure why you want that version.

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I’ve never used HA before. So I had no clue there were other versions?

The notes on his video state in big font :

Supervisor and Addons

HassWP don’t have and can’t have supervisor and any addons.

well, when he was done installing that same version, you can see he has Supervisor Panel.

well, in order to really run HA you should visit

furthermore read AlexxIT/HassWP: Portable version of Home Assistant for Windows (no need to install) ( for its information on what can or cant be running in the system you installed

you should complain to the guy who create the youtube video.

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I don’t mind installing another version as long as I can install AdGuard which is the ONLY reason I want to try HA.

He has no supervisor: