No values of the KNX bus after HA restart

Hi there,
I have the problem that after a restart of the HA the KNX bus is not read out and thus e.g. Values of a binary input or heating actuator are no longer available in HA. If I read the values manually in the ETS, they are displayed again in the HA.

Example configuration of a sensor:

# MERTEN 645129 Heizungsaktor REG-K/6x230/0,05A - Gerät 1.1.15
  - platform: knx
    name: 'KNX Stellantrieb Wohnzimmer'
    state_address: '5/1/1'
    sync_state: True
    type: 'percent'

Example configuration of a Binary Sensor:

# MERTEN 644692 Binäreingang REG-K/ 8x230 - Gerät 1.1.14
  - platform: knx
    name: 'KNX Thermostat Wohnzimmer'
    state_address: '5/5/1'
    sync_state: true

KNX configuration :

  rate_limit: 20
    host: ''
    port: 3671
    local_ip: ''
  fire_event: true
  fire_event_filter: ["*/*/*"]
  state_updater: true

Current HA version: 0.104.3

Does somebody has any idea?

Best wishes

You need to configure the KNX devices to regularily send updates.

Most devices can send after a specified time or after specified value change.

Edit: looks like Merten should have something like “zyklisch senden” in the ETS.

It should read states on init and every hour with sync_state True.

Can you see the GroupValueRead requests in ETS Diagnostics after restarting HA? If not you may have to add a Dummy device with HAs physical address to update your line filters.