No web UI after upgrade to 2022.7

Just upgraded to 2022.7 on my NUC running Home Assistant Operating System. After that there is no Web GUI, I get 404. Looking at the boot messages everything looks good (as far as I can see). I end up in the HA CLI on the console. I can execute commands there, but my knowledge is limited :frowning:
Any suggestions how to proceed?

The automations seems to work as they should. I was trying out some Sensors with REST calls at the same time as I did the upgrade, but they seemed to work. Could a misconfiguration in configuration.yaml cause this problem?
I tried a restore to the backup taken before the upgrade but that didn’t help - this led me to believe that it is a config issue…

Solved this by cleaning up my configuration.yaml using this post:

A bit strange that “core check” didn’t report any problem