Node exporter on raspberry pi

Hello and good job for this amazing application!

I just bought a raspberry pi4 and i really miss a feature that I had on my previous android-tv with debian and docker container installation

I was using node exporter on my debian linux-box (installed on debian) and I was able to use (influxdb in combination with grafana and prometheus, all those as docker images auto installed from homeassistant) this way I was able to export every metric of cpu/disk/memory/ethernet etc usage of my linuxbox

From what I understand in my current setup I have to ssh to port 22222 and install the node exporter and forward the node exporter port from hass os to the docker container of homeassistant in order to grub the metrics in grafana.

But this is a bit risky if I have to update to a new version of the hassos

Would you consider add node exporter inside the primary os in order for me to use this metrics in homeassistant?

Sorry for my English its not my primary language

Thank you for this amazing software!!
Keep up the good work!!

Have you tried [New Add-on] Prometheus Node Exporter?