Node Red automation broken with Hassio 0.116 update

I’ve got a flow in node red with an event state node that’s triggered when my media player is “playing”. It then flows through to a switch node which was reading the “” to extract the media duration attribute. And then based on the length of the media it was triggering different lighting. The switch node created two paths one for >5100 secs the other for <5100 secs i.e a movie length show would have different lighting to a tv show.

This was all working a dream until I updated Hassio and now the node has stopped worked. I’ve used debug nodes and determined that all nodes in the flow are still working except for the switch node where the message becomes blocked.

Does anyone have any ideas of what changed with the update and how I can fix the switch node so it works again?

The following link may be relevant

Thanks for sharing that link. I tried that new code but it didn’t work. Interestingly I just updated to Hassio version 116.2 and now its fixed. Whatever the breaking change was must have been addressed.