NODE-RED Cannot interact with any buttons on nodes (timestamps, debug nodes) Cannot see values and trigger times of nodes

Hey there, guys! Can anyone tell me why I cannot press the timestamp button in any of my flows? The debug button also doesn’t work :confused: I have to keep reloading the page until it does. Homeassistant’s companion app and other browsers behave similarly. Uninstalling most of the pallets I installed in the past months hasn’t made any difference. Log seems to be clear, except for this : “[warn] Projects disabled : editorTheme.projects.enabled=false”

This was the only way to capture the cursor, so I apologize for not posting a printscreen.

Thank you for your suggestions !

Check that you are doing a full deploy (down arrow on the deploy button)
Check that you are using the right server node (Configuration Nodes - Gear in the upper right corner)

Did you find any solution to this problem? I have the same issue.

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Not at all :frowning: If I really need it to work, I just have to keep reopening the node-red, which can take up to an hour of my time.
Edit: since I commented I have not been able to make it work again…

Hi everybody, same issue here, can’t find any reason nor solution. Any help would be welcome!

Get Node Red started even if you have to wait hours.
Then check if nay palettes need to be updated and also check if any nodes are linked to wrong servers. One of the icon in the upper right menu should give you an overview of you elements with number of connections.