Node Red not available

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To summarize; I was modifying some flows in Node-Red for my outdoor lighting (wifi smartlife bulbs). I was testing a looping blink of some lights with a 5 sec interval and decided I wanted to change it to 10 sec and deployed the modified node while it was still running the 5 sec interval. I’m not sure if that part is relevant, but when I hit deploy it just spun the loading screen of node red for some time (usually takes 1 second). I actually had to refresh the page it took so long.

After that, I could no longer access Node Red, HA Supervisor tab, file editor, configuration tab and a few other aspects of HA. I restarted HA and each time was met with a Bad Gateway error on the node red web UI of HA. After multiple attempts to restart HA in different methods (core, server, unplug/re-plug) I still could not get into HA. Meanwhile; my outside lights were still accepting signals from node red and working in their sequential loop of my flow (not sure if it just had a backlog of commands it was working through). I then tried turning the lights off by the light switch until resolving the issue. I then figured I’d uninstall and reinstall node red since I had recently backed up my flows.

The problem now is that I do not have node red in my Add-on Store tab of the Supervisor screen. I also tried adding the proper github repository, “GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons
(which shouldn’t need done) and was met with an “Invalid repository” error. I also received the same message when adding “”.

*EDIT UPDATE: today I was able to add “GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons” as a repo and install node red. However; after installation I’m still getting “502: Bad Gateway” when launching the web UI.

I’ve been having some strange behavior in general with my browsers. Not with HA but like video service pages not loading. Opening them in a private, as in the the stealth/private browsing type not a separate instance, window they load.