Node-RED Three Way Flow Generator

Hey everyone,

I’ve seen some great projects where folks have set up advanced lighting systems and three-way switches in Home Assistant using Node-RED, and I got inspired!

I wanted to create an easier way to manage these configurations without diving deep into YAML or JSON manually. Specially if a project has so many devices that needs to be turn on and off in both ways.

So because of that, I have developed a Python Flask App that generates this Node-RED JSON with a mapping from your devices. It’s so much less manual work, which is a plus for me :slight_smile:

This web application streamlines the process of creating virtual three-way switch setups and virtual parallel switch setups within Home Assistant using Node-RED, by setting the source and target entity:

You can also set if that map, should be a Three Way:

After everything is done, click on Run Main Function button to generate a Node-RED Flow JSON:

So when you import this JSON into Node-RED, you will see the magic happening and will look something like this:

Feedback and Contributions

I’d love to hear any feedback you have and welcome contributions. You can find more information and download the project from my GitHub repository: guimatheus92/node-red-homeassistant-three-way

Thanks to everyone for the inspiration, and happy automating!

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