Node-Red version: 17.0.1 - The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured

Since latest Node-Red update I cannot Deploy without error anymore. Even before correctly configured (error free) nodes that are changed give the error.

It seems to have started after addon version Current version: 17.0.1 with call service nodes


The workspace contains some nodes that are not properly configured:

    [Production 9 - Climate] Prompt Tone Off (api-call-service)

Are you sure you want to deploy?

It seems to fall over:

And then:

After "refreshing the page (nodered) There is no error left:

Anyone else has this?

Sometimes it can be a breaking change in the service call in HA that will first hit Node Red when it is updated with the checks.

Check that your WebSocket nodes are up to date (0.62.3).

The NR addon update does not always result in an update of the WebSocket nodes, and the node schema has changed significantly. Updating NR but not WebSocket nodes resulted in the odd situation where the Data field (JSON or JSONata) in call service nodes was required not optional.

Updating fixed the issue.

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Used to keep them up to dateā€¦ but now I am a bit reluctantā€¦ relying more on the addon release trainā€¦

Myself also, however my NR addon update to 17.0 did not update the WebSocket nodes as I expected, hence the need to also manually update (along with the NR Companion).

It certainly has been ā€˜interestingā€™ of late.

Updating the websocket solved it

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