Nokia Health products (Body+ connected scales etc)

Been using the Body+ scales with the Nokia Health mate app.
Very impressed with it. Trying to find a way to connect to iFit for activity tracking.

They have a open API

Using other products it gives access to weight, body fat, activity, sleep, blood pressure and heart rate.
Would be useful if it could be integrated in HA.


+1 for Nokia Health support

There is this custom component but I find it doesn’t work very reliably. Hopefully the dev will submit this to a future HA build.


This works fine!

Here are my thoughts about it over in the other Nokia-thread: Withings Scales

Withings support for home assistant is coming. Here is the pull request.



Full disclosure, I wrote it.


Great news, when can we expect to have the component available in HA? Is there a way to use component before it is officially released?

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It’s passed code review and is awaiting additional review (it’s a big addition) before it will by merged.
I know of no alternative components.


Hey, is it possible to play around with this before it goes into HA officially?

Hello Robert
Did you stop developing the component. The GitHub went stale. So nothing is happening. I am looking forward to using it.

Ended up very busy for a while there. At any rate, I’ve reopened the PR with all the requested changes again.


You rock! This has been my most anticipated integration since I started using HA. So glad it’s finally here, thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello Robert
Can I help you testing?

Sure! New components aren’t easy to test without development knowledge. Just pull down under branch in the pull request and build home assistant.

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Is Withings support included in HA 0.97?

Hi Robert,
custom components with config flow seem to be possible now (See
However, if I move your withings folder into config/custom_components there is no withings Integration which I could set up.

Update: Actually, the integration is there, just the name is not visible. Typing withings in the integrations search brings up one single item without a name. Clicking on it shows the profile I set up in configuration.yaml.

Update2: Working fine as custom_component, thanks Robert! Just wondering why the integration name is not shown.

Here is what I mean:

Sounds great.
Where can I get the files to put into custom_components?



Thank for the links. However see no menu to download on the Github page


thanks ! It works almost well with verision 0.97beta5.

However, I’ve some value twice the value of the mobile application. Wierd !

When I try to verify the configuration the circle goes on spinning and if I restart, anyway I cannot start HA.
No problem. Working on a test machine.
Using version 0.97b2.
Think I did everything right. Got the user_id and secret_id, put it into configuration.yaml as described and copied the files on Github to custom_components in a folder named withings.
Downloaded the files by right clicking as there is no menu for downloading. Could that be a problem