Nokia Sleep senor support


Nokia recently released a smart sleep tracking sensor. I would like to integrate this device to track sleep and e.g. turn on lights when i stand up, or set the alarm to a light sleep state.


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Native sleep sensor intergration would be better than IFTTT.


I’m also looking to get one of these - has anyone tried it yet? How’s the reliability/response through IFTTT?

Looks like there’s API info available here.


Robin has ordered one: Making a sensor to detect if I'm in bed


I’m going to return the Nokia sleep sensor - so inaccurate it’s useless


That’s disappointing.


Mine is working very well.


inaccurate in what way? it captured my sleep-pattern pretty well and also, even beeing forced to use ifttt, reported occupancy pretty quickly. i did however hand it over to my wife’s side of the bed and made myself a DIY sensor that works cloudless.


Its been reporting that I sleep only 30 mins for most nights. A couple of times it was more accurate, but still quite far off my own estimate


that seems indeed to be quite inaccurate.


@diplix OK so I adjusted the position of the Nokia sleep ever so slightly, not it appears to be functioning well. I have a slatted frame so perhaps it requires precise positioning over a sold base. If it keeps functioning well I will write a component for it.


Mine is also showing something like an hour of sleep. I’ll try to move.
Have you guys tried with IFTTT? On my would take forever to turn on the lights if I left the bed.


IFTTT is very flaky - I won’t even make the effort to setup