Nokia Sleep senor support


AFAIK there is one big problem with their API… You can get the “health” data, but not the IN / OUT bed trigger… The one that would be most useful for automations…

I’ve already mailed withings (it’s no longer Nokia’s) and does not look like they will be adding that trigger soon (they pointed me to IFTTT again). Maybe it would help if more people mail their support…

“We want the trigger” :slight_smile:


TBH I’ve stopped using my Nokia sleep sensor, readings were so unreliable it disgusted me and I have it in a draw now gathering dust


Weirdness… In my bed it works perfectly… Do you have a waterbed or something? :wink:


Nope, but if I get up in the middle of the night it will often ‘end’ my sleep session there and not recognise that when I get back in bed the session should continue


I’ve been using the mi band 3 for sleep tracking and it’s been working really great. Have to use tasker to get it into HA


I just wanted to provide a quick follow up to how these pads have done for me. I use the IFTTT trigger and it works 100% for me. I really wish there was a local API, but with that said since the IFTTT trigger has worked perfectly, its fine for now. Still hoping they change their stance on the in/out of bed API

I dont actually even look at the sleep tracking, so I cannot comment on how well it does. I use the triggers to turn on a virtual switch for me and for my wife. These pads sometimes come down to as low as $70. It might be a bit just to monitor if you’re in bed or not, and no local API, but… super easy.

I use these now to trigger my goodnight routines and to turn off bedside lamps after we get into bed. I also use them as conditions for other automations, like if one of us is in bed, dont turn on the bedside lamps.