Nolu - another take on Lovelace UI (WIP)


Nolu is a lovelace framework for Home Assistant. The goal is to create a clean and easy to use dashboard and an organized codebase for developers to build upon. Nolu was based upon the awesome work of Mattias_Persson in this post and Jimz011 in this post. It inspired me to create Nolu. Together with the Home Assisstant community members we strife to make Nolu better everyday. You can keep track of what we’re working on here.

If you have ideas or find bugs please create issues in the github repo (only available for alpha testers right now). If you can help coding you can let me know and I will explain the conventions and way of working.

Github: Repository | Project board | Releases | Report features, issues or bugs

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Nolu Discord Channel Buy me a coffee!


27.08.2021 - Open sourcing the code!

Everyone should be able to see the code on Github and contribute now.

27.08.2021 - Beta release

Nolu is now in Beta and will be public soon ;). The below features have been added and lots more bugfixes and housekeeping…

  • added a greeting widget
  • added a person widget
  • added an icons widget

16.08.2021 - Alpha release

Alpha v0.0.1 is officially released to all alpha testers. If you want to become an alpha tester, send me your github username in a dm and I will make sure to get you onboard.

Original message:

Since a few people showed interest in my setup of Lovelace UI in this topic I will share my hass-config when the first stable version will be released.

Please bare with me ;-).


Can’t wait to check your source :slight_smile:


Following this topic! Thanks for sharing!

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Looking forward to it mate.
Nice work!

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Hi all,

An update on the Nolu theme here! I’m doing my very best to get this to you guys as soon as possible. Right now I’m working on the last details. Currently I have a private repository where I’m working on the final tweaks.

Does anyone feel comfortable in becoming sort of an ‘alpha’ tester and try installing the theme. This used to accomodate and build up the documentation and to fix any bugs ore inconsistencies. For this I would give someone access to the repository so that it can be checked out and installed.

Let me know!


Sure! I’ll be happy to help.
I’ll share my details in a private message.


Also willing to help. This weekend I can test and experiment


ik heb van github de invite ontvangen maar krijg een 404 als ik hierop klik.
gaat er iets fout?

Hi @Remco_van_Geel ,

Yesterday I’ve changed the name of the repo, that might have something to do with you getting a 404. I’ve recreated your invite. Here is the link to the repo

Hi mrphardewijk,

I’ve been looking for a simple modern UI for my tablet. This looks perfect.
Care to invite me to also be a ‘alpha’ tester?

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Can you update your link ?

Not needed. Since it is a private repo (for now) you’ll have to be invited. It is in a very premature state. If you wish to be added as an ‘alpha’ tester, let me know in a dm and sent me your github username.

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Hi. I would appreciate if you could also add me in the github repo. My Github username is the same as here :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your work and for this clean design. Since weeks I was following the post from Mattias and when I saw your UI I decided to join the party :slight_smile:

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I’d appreciate it if you could add me to repo github. My username is rafickmattos

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Thanks for your response, Akra! I think the organized filesystem is one of the main focusses of the theme. I don’t know if you are still interested in the config, but you can find an example config in the config_example directory.

Yeah I saw there are some examples in the config_example dir , but I didnt find any example on how to (for example) set the greeting ‘Good Afternoon’… Or how you group cards like you do in the screenshots… ‘Temperature’ , ‘Humidity’ etc.

Thanks though! :slight_smile:

Sorry mate, You’ll have to check out the develop branch of the github to be able to see all the new features for now. The greeting card will be released soon and is still available to alpha testers on develop branch only…

Okay, no problem. Wat about the ‘Grouped’ cards though, is that already available? Sorry for spamming your topic though :slight_smile:

I think by the ‘grouped’ thing you mean what Nolu calls ‘rows’. So if you want to define 2 ‘groups’ or ‘rows’ in 1 view you would have to do something like:

  title: 'My view'
  icon: 'mdi:home-assistant'
  url: 'my_view'
  show_in_navbar: true
  show_header: true
    # My first group
    - title: 'My First Group'
        # My widgets in the first group
        - type: .....
        - type: .....
        - type: .....
    # My second group
    - title: 'My Second Group'
        # My widgets in the second group
        - type: .....
        - type: .....
        - type: .....

Let me know if this works out for you ;-). A new release to master is imminent so stay posted and you will get the newest features somewhere in the upcoming days.


That is indeed what I was looking for.