Noob alert: KNX PIR question

Hi all,

New to the forum and HA.

I’ve recently installed HA to deal with our KNX situation. So far I’ve come quite some ways in adding the devices and automating some of them. However, when it comes to the PIRs - I can’t get them to function right in the system (they stay on, and do not turn off). It appears, based on the KNX Group Monitor logs that the PIR only sends a payload (without any value?)
Screenshot 2023-10-06 at 20.34.53|690x44

Does anyone know how to add them or maybe how to intercept the telegrams in node-red so I can action them (i.e. add a timer and switches)?

It looks weird but thats normal for a motion detector. Most ones will just send an 1 when they detect motion. Its usually a different object that handles lights and will send an off.
No need to do it in node-red btw, just use an automation. There is even blueprint for that when you make one:

Thanks, that would indeed by a nice way for the lights!

However, I mentioned Node-red als I would also like to use them to turn off/on music, block the signal during the night etc. Or is that also possible using automations?

With service call you should be able todo that, and depending on the device you could even use Device in the action. I used to play with node-red alot, but found out that you can do almost everything in HA itself. Think its only needed for very specific flows

Have not found it yet, but will keep looking.
Any advice on which KNX device type I should use for the PIR, just add it as a sensor with the address/state address matching the destination (i.e. 0/1/146)?

You can use events with knx_event
You will need to whitelist the events in your configuration: KNX - Home Assistant
So in your case if thats the only sensor:

    - address:
      - "0/1/146"

You can use wild card if you wanted to check the whole of 0/1/ then it would be "0/1/*"
I prefer events for triggers like this as i do not have to add an entity to my already long list, specially since i just want to react to it and do not want to control it.
In the automation GUI it would look something like this:


How is the media device configured in your HA? how does it show up? If its a media player then the service all would be something like:

service: media_player.media_stop
data: {}
  entity_id: media_player.keuken

Much appreciated, I can work with this info!
There are many sensors, so the events option seems to be the way to go for me as well. I know what i’ll be doing tomorrow… :wink:
There are even some PIRs that don’t appear to give a signal to a group address, so I need to check how to include those.

For the media (Sonos) I need to check.

You could also use a device trigger instead of the event configuration if you like. This doesn’t not require any yaml :wink: