Nortek and mesh Zigbee

I have a Nortek USB stick and it is not creating a mesh network for zigbee. I have 4 devices connected by they will not mesh

Define will not mesh. Either they are joined and communicating or not. Are they joined and communicating?

Your four devices are very likely battery powered end devices and not mains powered routing devices. This is just a guess, because you have not told us anything about which sort of devices they are.

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Have you upgraded Zigbee Coordinator firmware? →

Anyway, you should note that it is based old decapitated hardware so you should really consider buy a newer adapter as it will never get any newer firmware that that older community build linked above.

Regardless, read and try to follow all the best practice this here on how to achieve a good stable mesh:

Also check out all the other Zigbee related community guided linked in this “Home Assistant Cookbook”:

Thank you it seems as if the devices I have been using are endpoints instead of routers. So I will add some additional devices and see if it resolves my issue