Not about the Security bulleting

Updated as indicated, now I’m getting this notification:

21-01-16 11:50:39 CRITICAL (MainThread) [supervisor.misc.hwmon] Not privileged to run udev monitor!

That happened after the update.

reboot the host, fixed the unhealthy mode for me

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I kept getting those.messages to switched to Debian 10 which is fully supported

Will do that soon as well.

It worked, thanks :+1:

True, but considering every update usually breaks something; I don’t blame anyone for not updating until a major issue like this.

That is not my experience.
The last months of updates has been easy, at least for me


New thread I think, nothing to do with this security issue.

Sorry guys, just to highlight the fact that I updated to 2021.1.3 and the Home Assistant won’t start up after the update.

I had to re-download the HASSIO image from the website and re-etch it on the SD, gracefully I had a snapshot, but had to re-configure config file to disable the bt to have my Raspbee2 work again.

@iliyan, I couldn’t agree more!!
I find it very confusing that where ever I turn to for HA information, most contributors seem to assume by default that everyone use running on RPi and has a Supervisor option in the menu. I humbly admit that I know that the name has ben terminated, and that I have no idea what the new name is :unamused:
Consequently I (and most others) still refer to it as, and I expect this to go on forever!

Simply: Home Assistant. That’s it.

I think that as for the installation method, it’s called Home Assistant OS.

I’ve used a Raspberry Pi with installed on it for years, no change to hardware or software beyond the HA updates. For some reason if I look at the info section in my configuration, it says:

Installation Type: Home Assistant Supervised

If others are seeing this, I did as well, but, you can connect to the console and ha supervisor rebuild and it will fix itself. At least it did for me.

I would not try that first, but I would before a reinstall.

Then you aren’t running hassio (or as it is called now home assistant os).

With your codes i see HA current version well but by HA installated version i see Unknown.

What should be the problem are here?

But how is that possible? I installed on my Pi 3, years ago, I haven’t changed it.

That had it as well, so I get the feeling you are just trolling. If so, stop it.

Screenshot for clarity

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The big menu running down the left edge of your interface.

This is off topic, feel free to discuss the naming in other topics. So we can keep this topic for people that are interested in what is going on with this security bulletin.

Of course I understood what you said

Oh so you did understand it… That is trolling. Please, again, stop it.

Thanks :+1: