(Nothing To Do With HA) Browser Shortcut Override (Ctrl+F)

This thread has nothing to do with Home Assistant when it comes to feature request, but has more to do with the site. It seems Discourse (the forum software) interferes with my browser’s Find feature (Ctrl+F), so as a workaround, I have to click in Chrome’s menu button and choose Find (Ctrl+F). No website should override my browser’s shortcuts unless it’s absolutely necessary.

After I hit Ctrl+F, I search for “Honeywell” in the DSC thread (Feature Request) and I was expecting Google Chrome to show the Find text box with two arrows in the upper right corner of the browser. The JavaScript code took control of Ctrl+F and instead popped up Discourse’s search bar. Once I do that, the search result came up and I tried to hit “Enter” and nothing happened. I don’t want to use my mouse to select a topic that matches the word “Honeywell.”

As more and more websites override Ctrl+F, I would find myself using my mouse to bring up my browser’s Find feature.

PS: Oh, and may I suggest a General Discussions forum? My thread would go in the General Discussions forum and not here. A General Discussions forum could be anything related to home automation and this website. General discussion forum is a good place to discuss anything about home automation hardware that would work with Home Assistant, but has nothing to do with needing help with configuring Home Assistant for their particular hardware, such as a NAD or Anthem home theater receiver.

Update: Okay, I did some research:

And this is what I dislike about Discourse:

I’m very disappointed about how Discourse is made.

Update: Actually, I found out in this page that I can hit Ctrl+F twice and that brought up my browser’s search functionality.

Please disregard my thread and I do not know that editing my post bumps up my thread to the top.

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Note that in Firefox you can disable the website override in the Website settings.
On the Home Assistant community site, enter CMD-I (info, for Windows it’s probably CTRL-I)

Go to the permissions tab and block “Override keyboard shortcuts”

I do think that a site should not interfere with the “CTRL-F” behaviour as we know it, even if there’s advantages.

The Chrome equivalent of this settings I have not found yet.