Notification on app with time in message


I am sending notifications to my mobile, when a door opens. It works flawlessly but i would really like to have a timestamp in the message text. I think i need a variable like now() or something like that, but i cannot grasp how to add it.

It is this simple:

device_id: 1d87e2acdeb08a8aca2176d85bd4cb86
domain: mobile_app
type: notify
message: Hoveder er lukket
title: Hoveddør er lukket

When i google for it, i get thousands of other time limitations and all other stuff, i cant find this.


message: "Hoveder er lukket {{ now() }}"

I was so close - Thank you very much

One thing to note is that device actions generally do not support templates. Use a notify service call instead.

Will read it… there is so much to learn but it’s fun