Notifications from the Dreame robot vacuum cleaner

Hello, everyone!

I’m still brand new here, and I can’t figure one thing out, but I’d really like your help with this!

I have a Dreame D9 robot vacuum cleaner, I installed hacs and added a third party integration for Dreame vacuum cleaners - GitHub - Tasshack/dreame-vacuum: Home Assistant integration for Dreame Gen2 Lidar robot vacuums with map support , also added GitHub - PiotrMachowski/lovelace-xiaomi-vacuum-map-card: This card provides a user-friendly way to fully control Xiaomi, Valetudo, Neato and Roomba (+ possibly other) vacuums in Home Assistant. so I can see the map and better interact with the vacuum cleaner (although I still haven’t fully figured it out because this interface only lets me select the area and point, but you cannot select rooms for example, which is weird)

The crux of the issue is this: when I send my vacuum cleaner to vacuum, and return it to base after a while, I get two notifications in the web interface, one of which I’d really like to see as a notification to my phone, but I don’t understand how to do that:


I’m trying to add automation, but I don’t fully understand what to enter in the “state” field? Can someone explain to me where I should find this out on my own for the future?

Any help would be very helpful and I would appreciate it, thank you!

any answer?

I am in the same boat as you.
I want to receive the notifications on my smartphone and not only in the HomeAssistant Dashboard.
Looking forward for a solution!

You can try this instruction:

  1. Open the Home Assistant web interface and navigate to the configuration panel.
  2. Select “Notifications” from the sidebar menu.
  3. Under the “Mobile App” section, click on “Configure”.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up the Home Assistant companion app on your phone and link it to your Home Assistant instance.
  5. Once the app is linked, you should be able to configure the notifications you want to receive on your phone. You can select which events trigger a notification and customize the notification message.
    I tried it with my, it helped.

Hey @malordin

I am in the same boat as you.
Did you manage to resolve your issue?

Thanks a lot!

You can use events for creating mobile notifications via an automation.

I had a similar setup with my robot vacuum. To get phone notifications, you’ll need to create an automation in Home Assistant. In the “state” field, you usually specify the trigger condition, like “vacuum returning to base.” You can find the exact state values in Home Assistant’s Developer Tools section (States tab). Once you set it up, you should start receiving notifications on your phone when the vacuum finishes its job. At least it works wth my VC this is mine

I created a feature request with the Dream integration to add other notification services.
the dev closed the request and sent me here… with this other link of a list of events the dreame integration has

going to the home assistant docs for events, it does not show how to form an automation with an event, either trigger or action.

going to home assistant docs for triggers, it does show a very basic event trigger

So, I think with the above info, I can at least form a trigger, mabye?


  - platform: event
    event_type: Dreame
      entity_id: dreame_vacuum_consumable

dunno if event_type is correct, docs show “my_custom_event” do we just make something up?

dunno how to test it, reset all my consumables last week.

even if it works, not sure how to create a simple automation to take the data from the trigger and pass it into the action notification, without creating 30+ automations, 1 for each possible message that could happen.

I found this blueprint to pass 'persistent notifications" to notify service.
here is the useful bits:

  - service: notify.mobile_app_[adminuser]
      title: '{{ }}'
      message: '{{ }}'
        channel: dreame

Ive already spent an hour and gotten nowhere… gonna have to ask someone smarter for help./

first: i’m just a beginner but I think I understood how to use the events data for triggers:

in your automation your event type ist the bold formatted variable in the
The event data are the bullets under each event type

If you want to send event data from your event type you must use {{ data% }} in your message/title field.

to learn/debug which data is send from your event use {{ }} - you’ll get all data that your event type is sending.

if you want to test your trigger goto Developer Tools > Events. There you can send testdata for your event type

I’ll try to explain with an example:
1.) create a trigger with the following code

alias: dreame_task-status_notify-phone
description: "Send all dreame task status data to phone"
  - platform: event
    event_type: dreame_vacuum_task_status
condition: []
  - service: notify.mobile_app_%phonename%
      message: "All data: {{ }}"

2.) goto Developer Tools > Events and enter event_type dreame_vacuum_task_status
add some event data (for example entity_id, status; water_tank) with any Values you want to
press the Button

if you use exactly my sample data the message on your phone should look like: "All data: {‘entity_id’:‘vacuum.dreamebot_l10_ultra’, ‘status’:‘Akku’, ‘water_tank’:‘voll’}

If you want to run the trigger only on specific events you can use the event_data field in your trigger.
for example if you only want to trigger messages for one special Dreame Vaccuum:
entity_id: vacuums.dreame1

If you only want to send the status in your message change {{ }} to {{ }}

i hope my explanation is understandable and helps with the implementation

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I’d like to achieve the same thing. It would be great to have an option in the HomeAssistant settings to forward all the notifications to the phone’s notification bar via the companion app.

I’d like to achieve the opposite: STOP Dreame from saying the cleanup is done each day at the ‘Notifications’ tab. Anyone know how to block this? Thank you.