Notify service not working

Hi everyone,

I have spent the past couple of days to get the notify service implemented. Without luck. I have spent a significant amount of time trying to debug but I’ll admit I’m new to hass.

This is what is have done:

1: Added ios: and notify: to my configuration.yaml (and nothing else regarding this usecase)
2: notify.notify does show up, so does notfiy.mobile_app_my_phone
3: I have used a DNS address in my companion app (IOS) which i can reach outside my wifi
4: Notifications are enabled, since I get location change notifications
5: I tested through developer tools (call service) but it doesn’t go through.

Have I missed something?

Question: is there anyway to debug this? Is there a log some where or could you please point me in a direction?

Thanks in advance.


What parameters are you passing in the service call?


What is really weird now is that i have removed ios: and notify: and reinstalled the app (ios), rebooted hass, and now it suddenly works from the developer tools without those to parameters in the configuration.yaml ?

Check your Companion App, App Configuration, Notification is enabled for Notifications. That was my problem. Somehow it got reset to disabled.