NOVOSTELLA Permanent Outdoor Lights, Smart RainbowColor RGB IC Light, 100ft

Trying to flash these
‎NOVOSTELLA - NVS100-RGBIC-US-F 24v 100’ 80 pod LED outdoor lights.

I’ve flashed other products of theirs but can not get these to work. The controller is encased so I can not see the details. Smart Life app shows firmware v1.3.2.

I get them to slow blink as per instructions
I’ve tried all three of these from / -r

 1.3.2 - BK7231T / oem_bk7231s_ceiling_light_ty
   1.3.2 - BK7231T / oem_bk7231s_dltj
 ► 1.3.2 - BK7231T / oem_bk7231s_light_pir_globe

All three start but then I get this error.

Found access point name: "SmartLife-36A0", trying to connect...
Device 'wlan0' successfully activated with '93587d72-c61f-4c3d-91c8-a69fd1600435'.
Connected to access point.
[!] The profile you selected did not result in a successful exploit.

Anyone else find the magic combo for 1.3.2?
Used this guide for the other LED flood lights.


Does anyone know if this guide is still good? Detailed guide on how to flash the new Tuya Beken Chips with OpenBK7231T

I have access to the CBU and might try flashing it via serial.

Looks like that message means it has been patched and can not be flashed over the air.