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NUE Home Bridge (Zigbee 3.0) Support


Good work. I’m still hoping that I can achieve integration into HA without any more hubs using the CC2531 dongle only.

I have messaged Kevin from 3aSmartHome and he has said that he would look at this project in the new year, so that is good news, as I see there’s a lot of interest in getting this working here in Australia especially.


I’ve got a Nue wall switch to work with Raspbee bridge through their Phoscon app; seems to be working well so far!


Hi @Dredzed

Thanks for that, good to hear of more compatibility! Are you by chance any association with dresden-automatik that makes the Conbee dongles etc?

Have you had any luck getting the 3 gang switches to work?

How is using this interface better or worse than a CC2531 on its own? It seems that the Conbee and Raspbee devices might be using a different ZigBee radio?


Hi Lee_au
Sorry, no association with the manufacturers - I’ve only got into this home automation in the last 6 months or so, but loving it!
I’ve only got a 1 gang Nue wall switch, which I think I got to pair with Phoscon by searching for a light rather than a switch from memory.
I have no experience with CC2531, but happy to help with any (simple) questions about my Raspbee setup!


Thanks Dredzed. If you are able to find the device handlers used for that witch, that may be useful perhaps? The single gang switch is the only version of the range that I don’t currently own, but it should be easiest to supprt once I get any of these others sorted ( likely with some more help!).


Happy to help, but how do I find out the device handlers?


I have few nue wall switches connected to the Hue bridge however I need to connect few of them as a two way. unfortunately the only way I know about how to do it is by using the scene switches but they are not recognized by the Hue bridge, only by the NUE bridge which is not supported by HA… anyone was able to connect them as two way and still be supported by HA?


Hi Alex, I don’t know of anyone that’s done that yet but I have some of those scene switches that I will be looking at using in the same way once I get the normal switches into HA properly.

I do have the Nue hub, and know that once a scene switch is setup as a 2 way switch, even when the Nue hub is unplugged the scene switch still operates the other switch - therefore they seem to talk directly to one another even without a coordinator. This might help you perhaps.


thank you very much. at the moment I am able to use 2 normal switches as a two way by connecting them as lights on the hue app and then using the following automation on HA:

  • alias: Turn on/off the upstairs lights when one of the relays/light is turned on/off
    platform: state
    - light.onoff_light_1_2
    - light.onoff_light_3
    service_template: >
    {% if trigger.to_state.state == “on” %}
    {% elif trigger.to_state.state == “off” %}
    {% endif %}
    - light.onoff_light_1_2
    - light.onoff_light_3

however, it has a huge delay (4-5 seconds).


Sorry I can’t include links, some restriction for new users on this forum.

I have achieved limited functionality for Kevin’s 3A Smart Home Smart Dimmer Switches and a Elelabs Zigbee Shield.

After following the pairing process as described in EZBPIS User Guide on how to use with Home Assistant, hassio detects the switches as light entities.

Sending turn-on and turn-off commands work, however the state of the LED on the switch does not change accordingly. Likewise, turning the switch on or off at the physical wall-switch, does not then reflect the new state back to hassio. Unfortunately this throws the state in hassio out of sync, which often renders switches in hassio useless as they need to be toggled multiple times to ensure the states are true and the lights are actually on/off.

I’ve exhausted my technical ability trying to resolve this issue - have any of you managed to get two-way communication working, or can point me in the right direction?

Here is another more detailed thread:


I’m having the same problem with this dimmer, HA can’t see any state on the dimmer, also I can only dim the light on the switch itself, it looks like HA only see’s the dimmer as a switch…

I’m using the Elelabs zigbee USB adapter with ZHA.

It would be great for someone to offer some help with this, these switches look great and are well priced.


I now have stability, the two switches are in Home Assistant are triggered by Xiaomi motion sensors.

  • Motion Sensor “on” = light service “turn_on”
  • Motion Sensor “off” = light service “turn_off”

It works great for us during the night as we can “hands off” and not touch the wall switches (and just rely on the automation). It’s reliable, they turn on and off every time and the state is accurate in Home Assistant since it called the command.

During the day though, we switch off the “Auto Lights” automation - so the lights can only be operated manually. The same problem exists - when a light is switched on at the wall, it doesn’t reflect in Home Assistant. :frowning:

I’m thinking a dirty workaround might be to check the state of the switch on a loop every 10-60 seconds (in case it has been switched at the wall), then update the status in Home Assistant. Would this work?


Has anyone actually got a working solution here?

I have a 3a Smarthome Nue hub and a load of single, double and triple gang light switches, as well as a few scene switches (1 single and 1 double).

I am looking to setup Home Assistant; however, this thread has left me confused as anything - lol.

My system is the Zigbee (Rather than wifi?)

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve been talking with 3A Smart Home today via email and they confirmed a few functions which should work with the app (via the Nue Zigbee Bridge).

  • He confirmed that when the switch is turned on/off at the wall (physically) then it also updates in the app (and vice versa if the switch is turned on/off in the app the LED on the wall switch updates to match).
  • He also confirmed that when adjusting the brightness of the dimmer switch can be controlled via the app by a slider, and it is once your finger is released from the slider that the dimmer instantly sets that brightness.

Can you confirm both of these are correct? (I don’t have a Nue Zigbee Bridge).

I have little experience with ZHA so far, but I believe that I should somehow be able to use the ZHA Panel to understand how to replicate these functions then build an automation to manage it (in Node Red)?

The trouble is that for all Clusters & Attributes most return null. I tried setting the level to a custom value, then turning the switch on - but writing these attributes to the switch seems to throw it offline then I’m forced to re-pair.


I’m creating THIS GOOGLE SHEET to list all the Clusters and Attributes and their values to try and understand more.

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Please see below for where I am at with these products… currently it’s really just the developer and I (with nil programming experience) getting these to be supported. But … we are almost finished I think!!
Requires a very small purchase of a seperate coordinator (replacing the hub) and the flashing module/cable.


Thanks Lee.

I have actually moved away from the Nue hub as the new zigbee light switches work with Phillips Hue which means they import directly into Home-Assistant.

I have lost a couple of scene switches which are redundant and don’t work and also a motion sensor but so be it.


How did you get them to work with HUE hub?

I have these wall switches


When did you buy them? I think there was a hardware update at some stage which allowed it.

If you still have your boxes have a look at the compatible Zigbee Hubs down the bottom. - Mine are compatible with: echo plus, Hue Hub, Nue Bridge, Lightify Hub, SmartThings hub.

I have also just got a zigbee/Z-wave dongle(HUSBZB-1) which works flawlessly with them - hub needed now!


I have a few dimmer light switches currently connected to HA via Smartthings.

However, I am unable to use the dimmer sliders on HA to adjust the brightness of the lights.

Anyone has a solution to this?