NUT APC UPS connected with AP9619 network card

I have a UPS connected to my LAN with a AP9619 network card, can i configure NUT to use the network interface? And if so, how?

you add the ups to ups.conf, mine looks like this:

        driver = snmp-ups
        mibs = cyberpower
        port =
        community = public
        snmp_version = v1
        pollfreq = 15
        desc = "RMCARD205"

Obviously not the same model but that was it for that file.
Now the NUT server @ localhost will report the data just like it was plugged in to the server, so you need to monitor it.
In the upsmon.conf file, you add

MONITOR [email protected] 1 homeassistant homeassistant master

homeassistant is both the username and password I am using for authentication in NUT, and it needs to be here as well.
I think at that point, restarting the NUT services is all that is required to get it to show up in HA, assuming you already have the integration connected to the NUT server

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Awesome, worked. Thanks.

Spent hours looking for this information. Come to find out, i just need to modify the yaml inside of the NUT Server add on configuration, inside of home assistant os.

Hi –

Newbie here. Was wondering if you can point me to where I need to go and what I need to create\edit the ups.conf file. I got 2 cyberpower switches I want to monitor\get data on. I been trying to get NUT working, but with no success. Many thanks.

How are you connecting to these UPS… USB, ethernet?

Two blade CyberPower UPS’s I am connecting to via rmcard205’s ethernet card that plugs into them. I have revised this post because it appears I need a NUTS server. I am trying to leverage the built in HA integrations, not develop or add new ones. While I do plan on resetting HA up on a Pi. It is currently running on a VM. I am not sure if this would work and the post is quite old.

The code writer has not updated this in 2 years so it may not be worth pursuing for the reason above. Leverage existing integrations from vendors, not re-invent the wheel. Thanks to all who helped.

I have an old su1400inet with AP9617 network card, please can i have an help to configure sensor, i have no expericence about, you have a guide?
I don’t know how to setup from start.
Thank you