NVM Backup and Restore to the ZST39 800 is Now Fixed!

The new release fixes the NVM backup and restore issue. I have tested this and was able to successfully migrate from the ZST10-700 Series Controller to the ZST39 800 Series Controller. Must upgrade to the following versions for this work.
zwave-js-ui: 9.9.0
zwave-js: 12.4.4


Thanks for posting. I’d been waiting.


What FW version is needed on the 800 series stick?

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I have firmware version 7.18.3 on my 700 and 7.19.3 on my 800 not sure if the fw matters it didn`t mention it on the GitHub page changleog.

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Has anyone used SILLABS Simplicity Studio to restore the bootloader and firmware to a bricked ZooZ ZST39?

If so, please elaborate the procedure.


Z-Wave JS UI has an option that forces the device to boot into bootloader mode so you can fix the firmware. Others where able to successfully fix their devices this way.

did you manage to unbrick the controller?
I also have a bricked one after trying NVM Restore, unfortunately starting in bootloader mode didn’t help

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Is there a guide or anything to follow in backing up/restoring the NVM? I have the latest Zwave-JS UI and it’s really unclear how to save the NVM from my 700 series to migrate to the 800.


In Z-Wave JS UI click the blue button in the bottom right, then click the purple button, under the NVM Management section you should see two buttons to backup and restore.

I used Firmware 7.18.3 on my 700 and 7.19.3 on my 800. I would upgrade to those first before you try to backup and restore.


I just went from a Aeotec 500 series Z-Wave controller to the ZOOZ 800 Series ZST39 LR using the NVM backup and restore method and it worked perfectly. No issues encountered. All done on the latest version of Z-Wave JS UI.