Occupancy sensors to recommend?

I would like to install an occupancy sensor in each room with an AC unit, such that it would turn off the device whenever the room is empty. This would be a holiday apartment, so I can’t rely on the guests to be registered on homekit.

Can someone recommend reliable devices working well with homeassistant or homekit/homebridge?

Having only started learning about home automation, I am open to other suggestions. For example, maybe the router could count the number of devices connected to the wifi network and the AC would switch off whenever no devices are connected, but this would not work if people turn their wifi off for some reason or if they leave a device connected to the wifi in the flat and then leave.


If there are no fans in view than mmWave sensors such as the Xiaomi FP1 are great. If there are fans (in view of the sensor) though they’ll detect the spinning fans as continuing presence.


Thanks @Tinkerer! I was actively researching that exact question… Now if I could only find an FP1 to buy in the states…

I bought mine from AliExpress, like most Xiaomi stuff it’s cheaper (by far). You just have to wait a while for delivery.

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Thanks, that would seem to work.

How about something like LifeSmart Human Presence Sensor|Sensitively Detect Human Motion, which would be much more discrete? Looks like I’d need another hub specifically for it though…

That looks suspiciously like a Tuya one, which I’ve heard mixed (but mostly positive) things about.

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It’s indeed very similar and both seems hard to find.

Would they work with home assistant (or better homekit/homebrige)? I searched for “Tuya” in the homebridge website and found a few plugins, the first one of which seems to support a generic “Human Presence Sensor”: homebridge-tuya-platform/SUPPORTED_DEVICES.md at cd4e8bba7d7502dc514ebea347b38976b2327f47 · 0x5e/homebridge-tuya-platform · GitHub

This is actually made especially for HA and was also featured during on of the recent Home Assistent presentations (1:12:00 in the video).
Its based on mmWave, which detect really small movements, so it is much more precise in detection.

There’s another one (requires gateway) which another ha user claims to work even with fan

Linptech Smart Human Presence Sensor ES1 Linkage Millimeter Wave Radar Inductive Static Human Recognition 6m Sensing Distance

This just arrived, but my old gateway doesn’t support ble. So I’ll probably update here once i got the newer hub.


About to release Released a board which would fit your purpose. Check out Unity Sensor – LoopOn.

It’s a 4x2cm device that will check for human presence (moving or still) and is compatible with Home Assistant.

In Home Assistant you will get to see all these sensor values:

And you’ll be able to configure the sensitivity values:


I just got one of these but can’t seem to get it working with HA. I have a few other Xiaomi BLE devices that connect no problem.

I’ve tried adding via the Xiaomi integration but no luck

Did you manage to get it working?

No, i have not used that ble integration
Might be a good idea to raise github issue and request support for that device

I’ve only used it with the xiaomi hub + hacs xiaomi gateway 3

Btw, how’s it working for you?
It still is detecting the ceiling fan, i’ve tweaked the setting but not much success

Thank you for building this. I have been playing around with the Unity sensor and while it works well overall, I did notice that the “Has Still Human Target” sensor randomly turns on just for a few seconds even when there is no occupancy. I have added more details and logs in this GitHub issue, would appreciate if you could take a look when you get a chance.


Thank you for letting me know. I’ll start looking in to this immediately and respond back to the git issue you raised.
Thanks again for your support!

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Honestly, right now I’d go for something cheap, because I expect that in the next two years there is going to be an explosion of off-the-shelf options using mmwave technology — like the various things linked above, but in a nice package and with zigbee / zwave / whatever integration.


I have 3 of your devices headed my way. Was curious if there is a case design or something to 3d print? If there is, I haven’t been able to locate it :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you @spalexander!
I have been designing and testing the case. I’m currently fine tuning the ball joint at the moment. Once that’s done I’ll look at batch printing.

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Just sharing my experience with the sensor so far (with xiaomi multi mode gateway) … It’s used for my living room. My TV is wall mounted and I placed the sensor on the wall, right under the TV.
Detection is almost immediate, and seems like the TV manage to block the signals from the ceiling fan.
Works as intended in HA. Other than the fact it is not Zigbee, I m quite glad with the result to far…

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Any other location you’ve tested with the sensor?

@LoopOn Does your Unity Sensor work with the HomeKit integration? Which elements will be visible in Homekit?

Any thoughts of making a Zigbee version?