Octopus energy integration

Hi all, I recently got a smart meter and solar panels and would like to integrate the data into HA’s new power management section.

I have looked at this thread but sadly it’s all Greek to me:

Am trying to use this custom component in HACS and whilst I have all the API data and have entered in via the UI linked here I’m not sure how to set up the sensors/read the data:

Is anyone able to help me please?
Thank you!

Sorry to bump, but is anyone able to assist me here?

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Not sure if you had any luck? I ended up using the Hildebrand Glow (DCC) integration. Good luck

This is all in another thread somewhere, but because of how the Octopus API works (data only arrives day after it was read) and the Energy feature of HA does not yet support late arriving data I have given up trying anything clever. I am using an API integration, but the limitation is that all of the prevoius readings appear as a single data point around 6am. Not ideal, but good enough for the month/year analytics.

Thanks David. Are you using another device as an MQTT server then as I gather this can’t be done on an HA instance on a Raspi?

which API integration are you using? I have some data coming to the Bright app however I can’t seem to import that data to HA successfully.

I’m just using Hildebrand Glow (DCC) integration make sure you use that one not the other Hikdebrand one.

Hi all, I’ve added the custom_components folder to the config folder but when I launch the setup after entering my IP address I get the below error.

Just to check this is the location of where I have placed the code

I’m running 2021.12.10 on a Raspberry Pi 400

I’ve rebooted and all OK now :+1:t2:

How long before the data will start to appear?

Hi someone can help me with this integration ? I did all acording with the details, but all entities don’t have information uploaded after 4 or 5 days

What can i do ?

Did you solve this?