ODROID-N2+ full image (OS + HA)

HI All,
Recently I had an issue of loosing an entity needed for an automation.
I thought that by restoring the latest backup it will come back, well, it didn’t.
I came to realise that the backup function of HA is more like save a few config file and data - not good enough if something goes really bad.
So I though, what I really need is an image of the entire system (like I have for my desktop).
If somethong goes bad, restore the whole thing.
I am in the process of reflashing it (Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant) but before I do, I’d like to make a full copy before wipeing everything out.

How should I do that?
I understand that at some stage in the process I will get the harddrive of my odroid and a usb drive in my computer. Would that suffice to that an image of it suing something like HDClone or AOMEI Backupper?


Flash a new Image as per Common Tasks - Operating System - Home Assistant
restore the back up after that.
All good.

I will still try to make an Full image of entire ODROID-N2+ (actually Home Assistant Blue) by mounting its HD as USB mass storage and create an image using HDClone or PassMark ImageUSB.

I still think it ads anothe rlevel of protection as backups are only as good as its restore power.

I run a Supervised VM install. I use the Google Drive Addon for backup. On more than one occasion, I’ve completely deleted the VM, downloaded a new VM image, and restored from backup without issue. Inevitably, the SQLite DB is corrupt, but that doesn’t really matter.

YES… I had to do a few manual starts on addons and a few other things but it is mostly there.
reflash (or new VM image) + restore latest back up - that should do.