Odroid n2 + not being recognised on a computer


I’m new to home assistant and currently trying to flash the operating system to odroid n2

I read the installation guide for odroids and I get stuck eith an error on my computer. When I connect odroid to my laptop using a micro usb cable and run the codes (ls /devmmc*) etc

I get an error message on the notification panel of the laptop and it says device not recognised. I tried it in several laptops and still the same problem occurs.

I tried installing drivers, at this point I’m thinking either the odroid is or emmc is faulty? Or I’m clearly missing something.

Any help from you will be extremely appreciated.:+1:

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I’m not aware of an installation method requiring to hook the odroid to another computer.
What guide are you using, and what OS does your laptop run?

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I’m using this guide.

I have to connect the odroid n2 + to the laptop and then flash it.

Is there a way I can first flash hass onto the sd card first, then insert it into the odroid and then flash its emmc module?

Did you actually follow the full instructions, i.e. changing the switch on the odroid board, hook up keyboard, hook the odroid to a monitor, etc, etc… ?

The ls /devmmc* you mention happens on the odroid, not on your laptop.

Yes Im not a very technical person.
But I can follow instructions well.

The code is entered into the odroid and I followed the instructions word to word.

However, at the end. Odroid should mount to the laptop and be recognised. I get an error message saying this device isn’t recognised on the laptop.

And therefore I cant flash it using balena ethcher.

So this is not actually what you did?

I’m connecting the odroid to laptop using the micro usb cable.

Connecting the monitor using a humidity cable.

Plugging in the power cable into odroid.

Switching the button to spi

Then I type the codes exactly as they appear.

Ar the end of this process. The odroid should mount to the laptop and be recognised. So that I flash it. But not to be. It isn’t recognised.

You should connect the odroid to the laptop only after having done all the stuff on the odroid.

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Ah, I’ll give that a go and see if it makes any diffference.

Thanks Chris. It finally worked! I connected the usb lead after inputing the codes.
Why do you have to connect the the usb lead after?

Because all the operation aims, notably, at having the laptop recognizing the odroid as the equivalent of a flash drive.

That detection happens when you plug the USB device.

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Hi Chris,

Another one for you.

My question is, can I run flash android 9 on odroid and still run home assistant. (And be able to use it normally?)

The idea is to connect the odroid android 9 to the TV using the hdmi like a android box. And I still want to use home assistant and ad on store etc.

So firstly can this even be done?
If yes, is it hard to do since I’m just a beginner?
Finally, will home assistant run smoothly?

Thanks Chris!

Short answer: No
Long answer: Well, just no, unless you are able to build a custom kernel and a custom android image, but then I guess you wouldn’t ask :wink:

Haha exactly, i dont want it to be too complex.

But I have seen people use Home assistant supervisor running on Ubuntu.

So do you I will encounter problems if I use android 9?
What about I simply use ofroid on Ubuntu and have home assistant supervisor installed…:hugs:

Ubuntu and Android are 2 completely different things.

Ubuntu is still a Linux OS.
Android is just using a linux kernel.

Supervised on Ubuntu will work but is not supported. Considering you don’t seem to know your way around those notions very well, I’d very much discourage you to use anything else than Debian 11, or you will be on your own if you encounter issues.

I’m currently running home assistant operating system

How is that different to debian 11

HAOS is another Linux OS, which packages together an OS and HA itself.
Debian 11 would be the base OS if you would use the “supervised” HA installation method.

So if I just install supervised. Will i automatically have debian 11?

What I’m trying to achieve now is: if i can have android 9. Then i would rather have a PC functionality on it and plug it into a monitor. At least than i can use it as a “computer” while still running home assistant and its ad ons


Sorry to be blunt, but you don’t seem in a knowledge position to do “fancy” stuff.
Forget about android and use HAOS on your Odroid as you originally planned.

Theres no need to be blunt here mate.
I’m simply familiarising myself with odroids and home assistant.
You can simply tell me to be careful and not indulge in anything I’m not sure about.

Thanks for your help. I won’t be asking you for more help.

Have a great day