Off Device Automated Backup

Hi Guys,
We really need a good official solution to get the backups automated AND automatically off of the device.

I know this is a can of worms with the options for ‘destinations’ but something really does needs to be done had has been requested many time over the years.

I think a good clean start might be to a local NAS or other network share requiring ip/dns name, u/n and p/w easily configurable from the ui

I strongly feel this is more than a feature request, it is a requirement of any modern device or appliance with complex configs and custom scripts, automations and logging history.

There are many discussions on this topic in various threads all with unsupported and or incomplete examples, but I would only trust an official route on this important and necessary issue.

Many thanks guys/gals keep up the good work :wink:

Other requests on the same subject with simular requirements

I use on my hassio that module that auto backups to my NC that is offsite from hassio and it’s great and fully integrated in hassio :smiley: What do you need more ?

Short answer, I DONT want or need another external service to pay for (couldn’t see pricing), manage, configure, host and update.

I also do not want a 3rd party to be responsible for the security and integrity of my data.

Robust backup and recovery should be at the centre of ANY device or appliance and built into the core.

Thanks for the input.

Found this

with this config

host: my Drobo box IPaddress
share: Public
target_dir: backups\ha-backups
username: ''
password: ''
keep_local: all
keep_remote: '30'
trigger_time: '18:00'
  - Mon
  - Tue
  - Wed
  - Thu
  - Fri
  - Sat
  - Sun
exclude_addons: []
exclude_folders: []
backup_name: 'ha-backups Snapshot {date}'
compatibility_mode: true

i getting these backup

Thanks, but I DO NOT want a 3rd party Add-On

Have you read the issues for Samba Backup

  • No Date in the logs
  • Open database

then this leading onto

Home Assistant has some flaws in the backup routines/underlying code that needs to be addressed

This is why Home Assistant NEEDS to fix this and implement some proper functioning backups with options to send off device/site

The HA team doesn’t NEED to do anything just because you say so you.

And stop SHOUTING.

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I was pointing out that there are underlying issues in the existing backup processes that are open and known issues within Home Assistant. so any 3rd party add-on will in inherent these flaws that use the Home Assistant snapshots or API’s

and surly backup is an absolutely necessary, required and should be one of the first things configured/setup and tested.

Hay bro Ill been do this for over 4 year lost count on the number of time I have done a recovery form backup most of the recovery was cause i broke it. and bad SDCARD using a second hand hard drive once I move to a SSD and an real PC HA has not let me down