Offline entity will not recognized as online after Startup


I have a issue if a device/entry is offline (not connected) and I restart HASS - this device will be marked as unavailable. But If I reconnect the device, while HASS is running, HASS will never transform the state from unavailable to available. This device will be ignored in the update loop.

This issue is a big problem in case of normal bulbs. Because these can be switch off physically (e.g. with an normal light switch) while a HASS reboot happens. This Offline-At-Startup-Bulbs will never recognized as available. So the workaround is to switch all bulbs on if you want to restart HASS :slight_smile: ā€¦

I tried to figure out how and why the update loop will ignore a unavailable bulb and how I can trigger or force the device back as available.

This issue only happens if a HASS Restart was triggered. If the bulb state switches from unavailable to available and back while HASS is running - the issue is not present. So is seems to be something in the startup routine.

Iā€™m the developer of the integration :slight_smile: ā€¦ so I was trying fix that with the RestoreEntity but with no luck. It seems to be the same behavior as mentioned in the forum - Reinitialize HA instead of restart if an entity is not available - #16 by Michael_Johansen or Devices unavailable if offline during a HASS reboot - #2 by flamingm0e

Any ideas ?

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