Old deleted devices in .storage\core.device_registry

I noticed that there is "deleted_devices": [ ] section in the .storage\core.device_registry file which lists some old devices that I haven’t used in several months (and don’t plan on using). Will these entries stay there indefinitely? Is there a safe way to purge the record of these devices completely? If so, how?

same as this one

No answer until now but I’m also interested in whether to keep these “deleted_devices”

Hi, I think it’s safe to do. I just did these three steps:

  1. SSH into Home Assistant; and, execute the below command first:
ha core stop
  1. Edit config/.storage/core.device_registry in a code editor; where the last few lines look something like this:
        "deleted_devices": []
  1. Execute the below command again via SSH:
ha core start

Thx, I follow the steps (I made a copy before, who knows) and it works.
Finally, my core.device_registry is cleaned up.


The new iBeacon integration had added over 1100 lines of deleted device information in my registry file, so this was a good way of tidying it up. I wonder why this information is retained?

Thanks for the tip.