Older Denon AVR with RS232

Hi Group!

I have an older Denon 2310CI AVR that has an RS232 serial interface only.

Has anyone in the group been able to integrate one of these older receivers into Home Assistant?


Let me know if you are still looking for Denon RS232 control. I hacked a custom component together that has been working for years and stumbled upon your post when I was checking for an official component when it stopped working with the latest HA release. I have fixed the issues with my custom component so it is working again. If there is interest I can post it.

Yes, very interested. Thank you!

Ok let me figure out the proper ways to package it up and put on GitHub.

Also interested in this! Just managed to interface to my Denon AVR-2310 with an ESP8266 by running ESP-Link and using a MAX3232 board. About to have a play with integrating it with Home Assistant via MQTT.

Ok sorry for that delay in posting it. Let me do it over the next couple of days. I just may post a link to the files and directions on where to place them.

Thanks PixelAlarm! Looking forward to it. I was just looking at trading up my AVR for a model with Ethernet capabilities. If I can make it work with your code I’d save some $ which is always good.

I promise I will have something posted in some manor by the end of the weekend. You will need a serial connection from HA box to receiver.

I uploaded the custom component to GitHub.

This may be the wrong way of posting this but wanted to get this out to you. If this is the wrong way of posting / editing please feel free to post it the correct way.

Let me know if there are any questions or issues with the instructions on setting it up.

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I’ll post any issues on Github.



Was looking at the code, doesn’t look like it supports zones?